Your Choice for Industrial Equipment Tools
in Odessa, TX


The best source for all the industrial tools you need to get the job done in Odessa, TX is Tie Specialties. Our company provides oilfield tools and other industrial supplies for energy and construction companies throughout the Permian Basin. The tools we supply include everything from shovels and industrial equipment tools to threading machines and more. In many ways, we are the Home Depot of oilfield tools.

If you’re looking for heavy-duty or high-end industrial tools, you can find them at Tie Specialties. We supply tools from the finest brands in the industry, including DeWalt. We also have Sensidyne products. Our supplies will help you work more efficiently at your job site, whether it’s an oilfield, plant, or construction zone.


Our Items

Our featured products include threaders, pipe locators, drills, groovers, safety equipment supplies, Ridgid products, DeWalt products, and so much more.

Our Service

Tie Specialties goes the extra mile to provide quality oilfield tools, as well as tools for a variety of industrial uses. We have worked with commercial and industrial customers all over the Permian Basin.



Contact us today to ask about prices on all our oilfield tools and industrial supplies. We can provide what you need to get the job done. Get the industry’s finest equipment in your hands with help from Tie Specialties.